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BC Designs bathrooms have been meticulously designed and crafted by British designer, Barrie Cutchie and his team. Cutchie has been at the cutting edge of bathroom designs for over thirty years and has been steering BC Designs since it was founded in 1999. Specialising in free-standing baths, these are baths with quality designs that cannot be found anywhere else.

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  1. BC Designs Copper Boat  COPPER BOAT
  2. BC Designs Viado Bath  VIADO
  3. BC Designs Ovali Bath  OVALI
  4. BC Designs Dinkee Bath 1500 x 780mm  BAS012
  5. BC Designs Slipp Bath 1590 x 460mm  BAS035
  6. BC Designs Parama Bath 1800 x 800mm  BAS030
  7. BC Designs Plazia Bath 1780 x 800mm  BAS040
  8. BC Designs Chalice Major Bath 1780 x 935mm  BAS015
  9. BC Designs Chalice Minor Bath 1650 x 900mm  BAS016
  10. BC Designs Ancora Bath 1640 x 760mm  BAS055
  11. BC Designs Murali Bath 1720 x 740mm  BAS022
  12. BC Designs Ancorner Shower Bath  ANCORNER
  13. BC Designs Modica Bath  MODICA
  14. BC Designs BC-SolidBlue L Bath  BC-SOLIDBLUE L
  15. BC Designs BC-SolidBlue P Bath  BC-SOLIDBLUE P
  16. BC Designs Monreale Bath  BAI025
  17. BC Designs Amerina Bath  AMERINA
  18. BC Designs Magnus Solid Surface Bath 1680 x 750mm  BAB025
  19. BC Designs Aurelius Solid Surface Bath 1740 x 760mm  BAB030
  20. BC Designs Sorpressa Solid Surface Bath  SORPRESSA
  21. BC Designs The Boat Bath  BOAT BATH
  22. BC Designs The Boat Bath with Aluminium Plinth 1700 x 750mm  BAS765
  23. BC Designs Excelsior Bath with Polished Plinth 1780 x 760mm  BAR015
  24. BC Designs Elmstead Double Ended Bath  ELMSTEAD
  25. BC Designs Mistley Single Ended Bath  MISTLEY
  26. BC Designs Fordham Slipper Bath  FORDHAM
  27. BC Designs Bampton Solid Surface Bath 1555 x 740mm  BAB032
  28. BC Designs Casini Solid Surface Bath  CASINI
  29. BC Designs Senator Solid Surface Bath  SENATOR
  30. BC Designs Kurv Solid Surface Bath  KURV
  31. BC Designs Tasse Solid Surface Bath 1770 x 880mm  BAB010
  32. BC Designs Gio Solid Surface Bath 1645 x 935mm   BAB062
  33. BC Designs Vive Solid Surface Bath  VIVE
  34. BC Designs Delicata Solid Surface Bath 1520 x 715mm  BAB020
  35. BC Designs Esseta Solid Surface Bath  ESSETA
  36. BC Designs Divita Solid Surface Bath  DIVITA
  37. BC Designs Lambert Double Ended Bath  LAMBERT

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37 Item(s)

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