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Contemporary Bathrooms by Roca

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Starting as a radiator manufacturer, Roca has progressed over almost 100 years to be one of the most recognisable manufacturers of bathroom appliances and brassware. The complete Roca range includes an array of collections in differing styles and designs. Each of these collections includes precise and meticulous detailing.

The unique looks of each collection mean that there is sure to be something that catches your eye, the Element collection for example brings aspects of masonry into the mix and compliments them with bold and stoic forms. There is also the Carmen collection, a choice of designs that are steeped in the traditional, featuring grand freestanding baths and regal pillar set basins

The selection is also vast in size and variety, including everything you need for a fully kitted out bathroom, shower or wet room. For more on how the Roca range can suit your style and the needs of your bathroom, visit one of our showrooms and speak with our helpful staff.

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  1. ROCA Carla Bath with Anti-Slip Base, 2 Tap Holes  A2374N3000
  2. ROCA Georgia Bath  A248159001
  3. ROCA Virginia Freestanding Bath  A248313000
  4. ROCA Giralda Bath (230 Litre)  Z1235L2000
  5. ROCA Giralda Bath (170 x 54cm)  Z1235R2000
  6. ROCA Art Plus Bath  A22255F002
  7. ROCA Art Plus Bath (White)  A22255F007
  8. ROCA Art Plus Bath (180cm)  A22256F002
  9. ROCA Art Plus Bath (210 Litre)  A22256F007
  10. ROCA Duo Plus Bath (Anti-Slip Base)  A222555000
  11. ROCA Duo Plus Bath (Oval)  A222565000
  12. ROCA Duo Plus Free Standing Bath (With anti-slip base)  A222575000
  13. ROCA Duo Plus Free Standing Bath  A222585000
  14. ROCA Carmen Oval Bath (Grey)  A234250000
  15. ROCA Carmen Oval Bath (Black)  A234250002
  16. ROCA Carmen Oval Bath (Bordeaux)  A234250003
  17. ROCA Carmen Oval Bath (Blue)  A234250004
  18. ROCA Carmen Oval Bath (White)  A234250007
  19. ROCA Davina Right Hand Corner Bath  Z023156000
  20. ROCA Davina Left Hand Corner Bath  Z023155000
  21. ROCA Modo Bath (180cm)  AB10070832000000
  22. ROCA Carla Bath (185 Litre)  A237733000
  23. ROCA Carla Bath (175 Litre)  A237743000
  24. ROCA Carla Bath (160cm)  A237333000
  25. ROCA Carla Bath with 2 Tap Holes  A237343000
  26. ROCA Carla Bath (180 Litre)  A2375L3000
  27. ROCA Carla Bath with 2 Tap Holes  A2375M3000
  28. ROCA Carla Bath (160 Litre)  A2376L3000
  29. ROCA Carla Bath (165 Litre)  A2376M3000
  30. ROCA Haiti Bath  A232753001
  31. ROCA Mali Bath  A232070000
  32. ROCA Continental Bath with Anti-Slip Base  A231160000
  33. ROCA Continental Bath (170cm)  A231180000
  34. ROCA Martina Bath  A231260000
  35. ROCA Modo Bath  AB1007D03E800000
  36. ROCA Modo Bath (Including Drawer)  AB1107D032000000
  37. ROCA Modo Bath (230 Litre)  AB1207D032000000
  38. ROCA Modo Bath (190cm)  AB10076C38400000
  39. ROCA Carmen Oval Bath (Copper)  A234250008
  40. ROCA Eliptico Bath  A233650000
  41. ROCA Sureste Bath Panel  Z045070000
  42. ROCA Girala End Panel  Z125179000
  43. ROCA Sitges Bath Panel  Z045075000
  44. ROCA Contesa Bath Panel  Z015170000
  45. ROCA Contesa End Panel  Z015070000
  46. ROCA Georgia Headrest  A247518000
  47. ROCA Vythos Headrest  A291066000
  48. ROCA Haiti Headrest  A291051000
  49. ROCA Mali Headrest  A291053000
  50. ROCA Eliptico Bath Feet  A291041001

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