Graff Vintage Shower Systems At The Plumbline

Graff Vintage Shower Systems; Inspired By Fire Hoses

The Graff Vintage collection is somewhat unique in how it has been inspired by classic American fire hose nozzles. The stoic familiar shapes of the pillar and spout make a lasting impression and they are complemented well by bold and robust handle designs, available as levers or dials.  For more on Graff brassware and the Vintage collection, visit a Plumbline showroom and speak with the helpful staff.

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Graff; Uncompromising Quality

Operating since 1922, Graff brassware is at the forefront of bathroom and wash space design. Whereas most manufacturers will specialise in either modern or traditional styles, Graff have instead opted to perfect both. These are fixtures that make no compromises, beautifully crafted brassware manufactured at the highest quality. Renowned for the quality of their finishes, Graff provide metal finishing for the most famous motorcycle manufacturer in America. These finishes are exemplified by the Graff Harley collection, a range of brassware inspired by classic motorbikes. For more on Graff, visit one of our showrooms and speak with our knowledgeable staff.

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  1. Graff - Harley/M.E. 25/MOD+/Phase/Vintage - Hygienic Hand Shower with Wall Mounted Mixer Hose & Water Supply
  2. Graff - Vintage - Deck Mounted Hand Shower & Diverter - Lever Handle
  3. Graff - Vintage - Deck Mounted Hand Shower & Diverter - Fire Hose Nozzle Handle
  4. Graff - Vintage - Wall Mounted Thermostatic Shower Column
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4 Item(s)

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