Stonearth Vogue Brassware At The Plumbline

Stonearth Vogue Brassware; Striking Profiles

Stonearth Vogue brassware has a slim and strikingly modern styles. These angular designs have elongated lines and create a powerful contrast to the flowing organic shapes of other Stonearth bathroom fixtures. For more on Stonearth Vogue brassware or to see what other designs are possible for your bathroom, visit a Plumbline showroom and speak with the helpful staff.

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Stonearth; Nature in the Bathroom

Stonearth specialises in bringing natural materials and influences into its bathroom designs, they utilise solid wood and natural stone to craft quality bathroom fittings of luxury. Surfaces are gifted a warmth in colour and feel thanks to the use of quality oak and walnut, while stone surfaces have a smooth and stoic finish due to the beautiful natural stone they are cut from. The natural properties of the materials are emphasised through the simple yet powerful designs that Stonearth has created. Each item by Stonearth is handcrafted by skilled masons and carpenters, giving every piece its own distinct personality within the highest level of quality.

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  1. Stonearth Vogue High-Rise Basin Mixer Tap with Swirl Spout  TP852

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