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Britton Tall Collection At The Plumbline

Britton Tall Washbasin Pedestals

To achieve the real height of luxury you may wish to consider the Britton Tall Pedestal. The pedestal can be combined with othr Britton collections for the style you are looking for.

For more on the Britton range and modern bathroom fittings, visit a Plumbline showroom and speak with the helpful staff.

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Britton; Fine Contemporary Fittings

The choice of bathroom suites in the Britton product range covers everything from smooth, fine lined shapes to fixtures with an element of grandeur. Britton can provide every aspect of your dream bathroom design. Their stylish selection includes everything from luxurious free-standing bath tubs to functional fitted furniture and quality shower trays.

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  1. Britton - Tall S48 close coupled WC (back-to-wall) with standard lid cistern & soft - close seat  CC.1036-48.1959-SS.1026
  2. Britton - Compact 550 basin & tall pedestal  FP.1977-CM.0002
  3. Britton - Compact 450 basin & tall pedestal  FP.1977-CM.0001
  4. Britton - Fine S40 600 basin & tall pedestal  40.1973-FP.1977
  5. Britton - Fine S40 500 basin & tall pedestal  40.1974-FP.1977
  6. Britton - Curve S30 600 basin & tall pedestal  30.1966-FP.1977
  7. Britton - Curve S30 500 basin & tall pedestal  30.1967-FP.1977
  8. Britton - Cube S20 600 basin & tall pedestal  20.1955-FP.1977
  9. Britton - Cube S20 500 basin & tall pedestal  20.1956-FP.1977
  10. Britton - Tall S48 back to wall pan with soft close seat  48.1963-SS.1026
  11. Britton - Compact 650 basin & tall pedestal  FP.1977-CM.0003

List Grid

11 Item(s)

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