Ideal Standard Concept Air Baths At The Plumbline

Ideal Standard Concept Air Baths; Streamlined Design

The Ideal Standard Concept Air range was designed by Robin Levien, an award-winning designer and bathrooms expert as an extrapolation of the Ideal Standard Concept range. These baths have sleek profiles and clean contemporary designs suitable for most home bathrooms.

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Ideal Standard; Practical & Attractive Designs

Ideal Standard bathroom suites are designed to bring elegance into the home, whatever your style preferences and space requirements. These products do not sacrifice function over form, but still manage to incorporate elements of both contemporary and traditional style for a bathroom that makes a statement. This collection delivers everything that you could need from a high performing, efficient and well styled modern bathroom. With fine profiles, cutting edge technology and reliable engineering; Ideal Standard can provide complete bathroom suites, for all tastes and on a variety of budgets.

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  1. IDEAL STANDARD Concept Air - Freestanding Bath 1700 x 795mm  E107901
  2. IDEAL STANDARD Concept Air - Idealform Shower Bath - Left or Right Hand Option  CA-SB
  3. IDEAL STANDARD Concept Air - Idealform Plus+ Shower Bath - Left or Right Hand Option  CA-SB+

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