Imex Dura Toilets At The Plumbline

Imex Dura; Simple Appeal

Imex Dura Toilets, available at the Plumbline have a simple yet effective design. The bowl has straight edges with a smooth curve at the front. These designs are ideal for modern homes, including luxurious features such as dual flushes and soft close seats.

For more on the Imex range and modern bathroom fittings, visit a Plumbline showroom and speak with the helpful staff.

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Imex; UK Bathroom Designs Specialist

UK based bathroom specialist, Imex, creates some of the highest quality bathroom ceramics available in a variety of designs, shapes and sizes. The range includes an elegant selection of bidets, basins, toilets and furniture that have each been crafted in specific styles and in a range of sizes; meaning that these luxurious bathroom fittings can be brought to almost any space.

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