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We have strict social distancing measures in place for the protection of staff and customers. We are strictly controlling customer levels. WE ACCEPT CASH & CARD PAYMENTS.

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  1. ROCA Carmen Bidet  A3570A4000
  2. ROCA Dama-N Wall-Hung Bidet (36cm)  A357788000
  3. ROCA The Gap Wall-Hung Bidet  A357475000
  4. ROCA The Gap Wall-Hung Bidet (35cm)  A357476000
  5. ROCA Debba Wall-Hung Bidet  A355995000
  6. ROCA Nexo Wall-Hung Bidet  A357645000
  7. ROCA Senso Wall-Hung Bidet  A357515000
  8. ROCA Carmen Bidet Lid  A806B5000B
  9. ROCA Meridian-N Round Bidet Lid  A8062AB004
  10. ROCA Dama-N Bidet Lid  A80678C004
  11. ROCA Dama-N Bidet Lid (Chrome)  A806782004
  12. ROCA The Gap Bidet Lid  A806472004
  13. ROCA Debba Bidet Lid  A8069D2004
  14. ROCA Nexo Bidet Lid  A806640004
  15. ROCA Senso Bidet Lid  A806511004
  16. ROCA Dama-N Wall-Hung Bidet (Optional Lid)  A357785000
  17. ROCA Dama-N Wall-Hung Bidet  A357786000
  18. ROCA Meridian-N (Hidden Fixations) Bidet  A357248000
  19. ROCA Meridian-N Bidet  A357247000
  20. ROCA Dama-N Bidet  A357787000
  21. ROCA Dama-N Bidet (36cm)  A357784000
  22. ROCA The Gap Bidet  A357477000
  23. ROCA The Gap Bidet (Square)  A35747C000
  24. ROCA The Gap Bidet (35cm)  A357474000
  25. ROCA Debba Bidet (Back to wall)  A355997000
  26. ROCA Debba Bidet  A355994000
  27. ROCA Nexo Bidet  A357640000
  28. ROCA Senso Bidet  A357514000
  29. ROCA Senso Bidet (Back to wall)  A357517000
  30. ROCA Laura Bidet  A355394000
  31. ROCA Meridian-N Wall-Hung Bidet  A357246000
  32. ROCA Meridian-N Wall-Hung Bidet (36cm)  A357245000
  33. ROCA Laura Bidet Lid  A806390004

List Grid

33 Item(s)

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