Roca L90 Brassware Collection At The Plumbline

Roca L90; Angled Urban Designs

The L90 collection from Roca is inspired by modern life and urban living. The designs comprise straight lines, clean angles and smooth flat surfaces that appeal o those with contemporary preferences.

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Roca; Reliable & Precise Designs

Starting as a radiator manufacturer, Roca has progressed over almost 100 years to be one of the most recognisable manufacturers of bathroom appliances and brassware. The complete Roca range includes an array of collections in differing styles and designs. Each of these collections includes precise and meticulous detailing.

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  1. ROCA L90 Basin Mixer
  2. ROCA L90 Bidet Mixer
  3. ROCA L90 Bidet Mixer (Integrated handle)
  4. ROCA L90 Bath/Shower Mixer
  5. ROCA L90 Wall-mounted Bath-Shower Mixer
  6. ROCA L90 Bath/Shower Mixer (20cm)
  7. ROCA L90 Wall-mounted Shower Mixer
  8. ROCA L90 Floor Standing Bath-Shower Mixer
  9. ROCA L90 Built In Shower Mixer
  10. ROCA L90 Wall-mounted Shower Mixer (1.5m)
  11. ROCA L90 Electronic Basin Faucet (Mains)
  12. ROCA L90 Electronic Basin Faucet
  13. ROCA L90 Basin Mixer  (14cm)
  14. ROCA L90 Basin Mixer (Integrated Aerator)
  15. ROCA L90 Compact Basin Mixer
  16. ROCA L90 Basin Mixer (Pop-Up Waste)
  17. ROCA L90 Smooth Body Mixer
  18. ROCA L90 Basin Mixer (High Neck)
  19. ROCA L90 Basin Mixer with Integrated lateral handle
  20. ROCA L90 Electronic Basin Mixer
  21. ROCA L90 Electronic Basin Mixer (Mains)
  22. ROCA L90 Handshower

List Grid

22 Item(s)

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