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Roca Meridian-N Toilets At The Plumbline

Roca Meridian-N; Versatile and Stylish

Practical, versatile and attractive; these are the three key things the Meridian-N range seeks to be. Toilets in the range have a smooth and bowed form that has its own distinct style that complements most bathroom aesthetics.

For more on the Roca range and modern bathroom fittings, visit a Plumbline showroom and speak with the helpful staff.

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Roca; Reliable & Precise Designs

Starting as a radiator manufacturer, Roca has progressed over almost 100 years to be one of the most recognisable manufacturers of bathroom appliances and brassware. The complete Roca range includes an array of collections in differing styles and designs. Each of these collections includes precise and meticulous detailing.

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22 Item(s)

  1. ROCA Meridian-N In-Tank WC  A893301000
  2. ROCA Meridian-N (36cm)  A347247000
  3. ROCA Meridian-N Comfort Height WC  A34724C00U
  4. ROCA Meridian-N Cistern  A34124D000
  5. ROCA Meridian-N Cistern (38cm)  A34124K000
  6. ROCA Meridian-N Cistern (37cm)  A34124C000
  7. ROCA Meridian-N Toilet Seat  A8012AC004
  8. ROCA Meridian-N Toilet Seat (16cm)  A8012A2004
  9. ROCA Meridian-N Round Seat  A8012A0004
  10. ROCA Meridian-N Toilet Seat (15.5cm)  A80123A004
  11. ROCA Meridian-N Round WC  A347246000
  12. ROCA Meridian-N WC (Hidden Fixations)  A34624L000
  13. ROCA Meridian-N WC   A893302000
  14. ROCA Meridian-N (Floor-Standing)  A893303000
  15. ROCA Meridian-N Compact WC  A342248000
  16. ROCA Meridian-N (Rimless) WC  A34224L000
  17. ROCA Meridian-N (Closed Rim) WC  A34224C00U
  18. ROCA Meridian-N (Round) WC  A342247000
  19. ROCA Meridian-N (38.5cm)  A34224H000
  20. ROCA Meridian-N WC (36cm)  A346248000
  21. ROCA Meridian-N (56cm Width)  A346247000
  22. ROCA Meridian-N Toilet Seat (Access)  A801230004

List Grid

22 Item(s)

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