Silverdale Windsor Collection At The Plumbline

Silverdale Windsor, The Flow & Form Of Waves

The Silverdale Windsor collection has been sculpted with smooth flowing lines that are reminiscent of wave crests. These designer bathroom fittings were created in conjunction with leading Italian designer Pininfarina. These unique contemporary designs are ideal for making a visual statement.

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Silverdale; Hand Crafted Quality

Silverdale is an expert in the creation of quality, handmade ceramics. The dedication and care that goes into every piece of Silverdale sanitary ware can be found nowhere else and is impossible for a machine to create. Each product is crafted from a unique mix of English china clay, modellers shape the clay by hand, and the potter’s ID is marked on to their work; making every piece something special.

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  1. SILVERDALE - Windsor Countertop Basin
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  2. SILVERDALE - Windsor Back-To-Wall Bidet
  3. SILVERDALE - Windsor Wall Mounted Bidet
  4. SILVERDALE - Windsor Wall Mounted WC Pan
  5. SILVERDALE - Windsor Back-To-Wall WC Pan

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5 Item(s)

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