Vitra V-Care Collection At The Plumbline

Vitra V-Care; Achieving Luxury With The Latest Technology

Vitra V-Care toilets utilise the latest technology to provide the highest levels of luxury. These toilets boast a slew of features, including; integrated spray novel, adjustable water temperature, drying options and gender specific washing options, all controllable from an ergonomic hand control set.

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Vitra; Styles For Contemporary & Traditional

With its roots set in Turkish bathing culture, Vitra has been producing innovative bathroom designs for over 40 years. From the company’s main base in Turkey, creative bathroom solutions are conceptualised, realised and manufactured to the highest of standards. This quality manufacturer produces all of the necessary bathroom fittings and more.

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  1. VITRA BATHROOMS - V-Care Smart WC Pan (Essential)  5674B003-6103
  2. VITRA BATHROOMS - V-Care Smart WC Pan (Comfort)  5674B003-6104

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