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Designer Bathroom Furniture Ranges from Stonearth

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Stonearth specialises in bringing natural materials and influences into its bathroom designs, they utilise solid wood and natural stone to craft quality bathroom fittings of luxury. Surfaces are gifted a warmth in colour and feel thanks to the use of quality oak and walnut, while stone surfaces have a smooth and stoic finish due to the beautiful natural stone they are cut from.

The natural properties of the materials are emphasised through the simple yet powerful designs that Stonearth has created. Each item by Stonearth is handcrafted by skilled masons and carpenters, giving every piece its own distinct personality within the highest level of quality.

If you would like to know more about the unique Stonearth range and how it brings the purest elements of nature into the bathroom, then please visit one of our showrooms, where our staff are always happy to help.

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  1. Stonearth Mini Mirror Cabinet 300 x 150 x 650mm  CB912
  2. Stonearth Towel Holder  SS213
  3. Stonearth Toilet Roll Holder  SS214
  4. Stonearth Soap Dish Holder  SS215
  5. Stonearth Soap Dish Holder with Frosted Glass  SS216
  6. Stonearth Frosted Glass Tumbler with Holder  SS217
  7. Stonearth Double Glass Tumbler with Holder  SS218
  8. Stonearth Glass Soap Dispenser with Holder  SS219
  9. Stonearth Wall Mounted Toilet Brush Holder  SS220
  10. Stonearth Single Towel Rail  SS221
  11. Stonearth Double Towel Rail  SS222
  12. Stonearth Towel Rack with Rail  SS223
  13. Stonearth Double Hook  SS212
  14. Stonearth Single Hook  SS211
  15. Stonearth Solid Wood Storage Drawers
  16. Stonearth Cloakroom Mirror Cabinet 600 x 150 x 650mm  CB913
  17. Stonearth Small Mirror Cabinet 750 x 150 x 650mm  CB914
  18. Stonearth Solid Wood Frame Mirror Small 750 x 600mm  FM904
  19. Stonearth Solid Wood Frame Mirror Medium 900 x 600mm  FM903
  20. Stonearth Solid Wood Frame Mirror Large 1200 x 750mm  FM902
  21. Stonearth Solid Wood Frame Mirror Extra Large 1500 x 750mm  FM901
  22. Stonearth Mini Wall Cabinet 300 x 150 x 650mm  CB911
  23. Stonearth Standing Storage Cabinet 350 x 350 x 1750mm  WS771
  24. Stonearth Standing Storage Drawer Cabinet 350 x 350 x 1200mm  WS772
  25. Stonearth Wall Hung Storage Cabinet 350 x 350 x 1600mm  WS773
  26. Stonearth Solid Wood Shelves
  27. Stonearth Glass Shelf 500 x 145mm  SS224

List Grid

27 Item(s)

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