Designer Baths By BC Designs

BC Designs is a designer bath specialist that crafts beautiful bathroom centrepieces for both traditional and contemporary bathroom styles. BC Designs baths have been meticulously designed and crafted by British designer, Barrie Cutchie and his team. Cutchie has been at the cutting edge of bathroom designs for over thirty years and has been steering BC Designs since it was founded in 1999. Specialising in free-standing baths, these are tubs with quality designs that cannot be found anywhere else.

BC Designs Traditional Range

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(Image Credit: BC Designs)

The BC Designs traditional range has been artfully created with forms that are inspired by classic bathroom styles. With the benefit of modern technology, these opulent baths are extremely durable and have long lifespans. The range features grand free-standing options as well as smaller space efficient bath models. The graceful aesthetics of these baths means they complement all tastes, both traditional and contemporary.

Roll Top Baths: Boat Baths and Copper Baths

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(Image Credit: BC Designs)

Roll top baths are the height of luxury, this simple and subtle feature makes a powerful statement that BC Designs back up with a gorgeous selection of bath designs. The original Copper Boat Baths from BC Designs have been meticulously hand-crafted. These baths have gentle undulations in their textures with a subtle colour variation in the finish, making every bath unique. Aside from a glamorous appearance with a touch of the rustic, copper baths are an excellent choice as the copper retains the heat of the water. Also, in the roll top range are an array of Boat Baths. These baths from BC Designs have an iconic shape that tapers outwards towards the top in the fashion of a grand cruise ship. The nautical inspiration for this design is in keeping with popular bathroom aesthetics and has an added layer of luxury thanks to the high quality and standards of BC Designs bathrooms fittings.

Contemporary Baths

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(Image Credit: BC Designs)

Fir the more modern tastes, BC Designs offer a wide selection of contemporary bath designs that have been crafted to be the jewel of your bathroom. These baths feature a variety of beautiful shapes that suit all styles and tastes; from stoic square baths, to efficient small freestanding baths, ornate curvaceous designs and many more.

BC-Solidblue Baths

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(Image Credit: BC Designs)

The BC-SolidBlue range balances efficiency, affordability and style. These baths have been designed to sit flush to the wall and in corners for a space-efficient bathroom. These designs have been created using BC-SolidBlue, and exclusive material to this range that affords durability and strength while allowing for intricate shaping.

For more on the BC Designs range visit your nearest showroom today and speak with the helpful staff.