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Your Place to Relax

The bathroom is a pillar of luxury within the home, it is where you may unwind and enjoy relaxing personal time. The design of a bathroom is also an excellent way in which to express yourself and your home's personality. With decades of experience providing for trade and DIY, The Plumbline, with their sister company Boys & Bodenare experts when it comes to fully kitting out a contemporary bathroom and home. With luxurious showrooms in locations across Mid Wales, Shropshire and Cheshirebathrooms in a multitude of styles from the UK’s most trusted suppliers can be found at your nearest Plumbline along with all of the fittings needed to ensure their proper installation.

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Bathing and Bath Tubs

At the centre of any bathroom is, of course, the bath. A crucible for luxury and personal time, it is important that you find the right bath for you. The Plumbline's selection of elegant baths let you reach the pinnacle of relaxation within your home, coming from some of the most trusted suppliers, such as Stonearth, Clearwater , Heritage Bathrooms , Burlington , Royce Morgan and more. At Boys & Boden and The Plumbline, you can find luxurious deep baths for those who want a soak, large baths for those who want their space, small baths for efficient use of space, and more, all in both contemporary and traditional designs.     

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Taps, Brassware and Ceramics

Taps and faucets are the part of the bathroom that is most often interacted with. As they are a focal point, it is vital that you find the right ones for your design vision. Whether you are searching for traditional brassware, or a sleek contemporary form, The Plumbline have the taps for you. To compliment your favoured taps and brassware, The Plumbline stock a selection of bathroom ceramics and basins available in wall-mounted or free standing options. Top modern manufacturers, like Sottini , can provide sleek modern sinks with smooth organic lines. Alternatively, you may be looking for a classic Victorian bathroom feel. In this case, designs from established brands such as Heritage  may be more appealing to you.

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Showers and Showering Space

Showers from The Plumbline offer functionality, reliability and style to meet all of your personal needs. From premium digital electric showers to reliable mixer showers, there is an elegant showering solution through all price ranges and for all hot water systems. A pumped electric shower can overcome pressure woes, while a thermostatic electric shower would keep the temperature precisely where you want it. For those who struggle with low water pressure, a quality electric power shower will make your day, or for complete control over your shower experience a digital shower would bring a high-tech touch to your morning routine. Along with the shower itself, it is important that you have the ideal environment for that shower. If you wish to have a minimalist look, you may want a wet room and a shower tray with a cutting edge waste water system. There are a variety of panelling and board systems available in order to craft the luxury showering space you desire.

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Bathroom Furniture

To complete a bathroom and make it the true centre of luxury in a home, it requires fitted bathroom furniture, bathroom storage and bathroom worktopsWith the use of the correct style of bathroom furniture and accessories, a bathroom can be elevated from being a room, to being something special with its own identity. A vast selection of furniture is available at The Plumbline from such suppliers as Roper Rhodes, Pura, Miller, Vanity Hall, Utopia, Stonearth and more.

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Metal and Plastic Plumbing Systems

Nobody wants a bathroom that doesn't work properly. That's why The Plumbline stocks all of the fittings, pipework and tools to keep your water and waste systems running smoothly. Coming from trusted suppliers like Polypipe, you can create a full working water and plumbing system, suitable for both domestic and commercial properties. To discover the full range of bathroom fittings and plumbing properties available, visit your nearest branch of The Plumbline. To find your nearest store, check out our helpful map.