Cylinders at The Plumbline

Various Suppliers including: Joule and Telford Copper Cylinders

Our range of combination, vented and un-vented hot water cylinders offer quality and efficiency on an array of budgets to provide you with a reliable source of hot water.

When purchasing a new cylinder it is vital that you find one suitable for your hot water system. Our wide range of copper and stainless steel cylinders includes all of the options you may need, giving you the luxury of choice. We can provide cylinders suited for both direct and indirect heating systems.

Direct cylinders heat the water themselves, with an immersion heater for example, while indirect cylinders rely on external heat sources such as boilers and may use a calorifier. If space is a pressing issue you may want to consider a horizontal cylinder that requires less height, or a combination cylinder when there is no loft area for an expansion tank.

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