Heating Controls at The Plumbline

Various Suppliers including: Honeywell, Drayton and EPH

Take control of your home and make the most of your energy with heating controls. Products from our range give you complete and accurate control over your gas, water, temperature, comfort and time.

Programmable thermostats let you plan ahead, keeping you warm and your heating efficient while newer digital options give you varying levels of feedback and adjustable settings. Wireless heating controls can connect to your tablet or smartphone for convenient energy monitoring and control, in or out of your home. Additional in depth options let you establish heating zones to prioritise high-use areas.

Heating controls are also easily installed as they are able to fit to existing pipework and are subtle enough to avoid impacting the style of your home.

Take a look at our range, or visit one of our stores to speak with our helpful staff about making your heating as easy and efficient as possible.

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