Arysto 10 Wet Room Range

The Height Of Wet Room Luxury

Arysto 10 is the flagship collection of highest quality wet room fittings from Merlyn at Boys & Boden. These breath-taking shower cubicles, screens and panels have been created with expert care and the highest quality materials. The end result is a sleek and minimalist aesthetic that suits any bathroom style.
The designs have been meticulously crafted to accentuate light and give a spacious contemporary feel to any bathroom, meaning there is an Arysto 10 door for everyone.

Which Arysto Collection Is For You?

The Arysto range includes three main options; Arysto Six, Arysto Eight and Arysto Ten. These choices feature glass thickness of 6, 8 and 10 millimetres respectively. Arysto Ten offers the height of showering luxury; the frameless form creates a minimalist aesthetic and an exquisite central feature in your bathroom. Arysto Eight boasts a ‘virtually frameless’ design that uses an ultra slim frame to prevent the contemporary lines from being compromised. Chamfered edges keep the visuals lustrous by reflecting ambient light. The Arysto Six walk in shower enclosures offer a more affordable option without sacrificing that Arysto elegance.

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