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Silverdale is an expert in the creation of quality, handmade ceramics. The dedication and care that goes into every piece of Silverdale sanitary ware can be found nowhere else and is impossible for a machine to create. Each product is crafted from a unique mix of English china clay, modellers shape the clay by hand, and the potter’s ID is marked on to their work; making every piece something special.

Just as their perfected crafting techniques have taken years of care, Silverdale’s many collections have been meticulously created with an eye for style. Traditional collections boast exquisite bathroom furniture, grand bath tubs and elegant faucets in Victorian, Edwardian and other time-honoured styles. While the Windsor collection features clean lines and curves suitable for the most exclusive contemporary bathroom.

For more on the exquisite collections by Silverdale, visit one of our showrooms.

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  1. SILVERDALE - Victorian 635mm Vanity Basin  VIC VANITY
  2. SILVERDALE - Nouveau Basin  NOU BASIN
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  3. SILVERDALE - Damea Close Coupled Pan & Cistern  DAM CC PAN & CIST
  4. SILVERDALE - Damea 6L Back-To-Wall Pan   DSCLOBT6WHI
  5. SILVERDALE - Damea 6L Wall Mounted Pan   DSPANWM6WHI
  6. SILVERDALE - Damea Wall Mounted Bidet  DAM WM BIDET
  7. SILVERDALE - Damea Back-To-Wall Bidet  DAM BTW BIDET
  8. SILVERDALE - Damea 650mm Basin  DAM BASIN
  9. SILVERDALE - Victorian & Belgravia 6L Low Level Pan & Cistern  VIC/BEL LL
  10. SILVERDALE - Victorian & Belgravia 6L High Level Pan & Cistern  VIC/BEL HL
  11. SILVERDALE - Victorian & Belgravia 6L Close Coupled Pan & Cistern  VIC/BEL CC
  12. SILVERDALE - Victorian & Belgravia Wall Mounted Pan  VIC/BEL WM PAN
  13. SILVERDALE - Victorian & Belgravia Wall Mounted Bidet  VIC/BEL WM BIDET
  14. SILVERDALE - Victorian Freestanding Bidet - 1 Tap Hole  VIC FS BIDET
  15. SILVERDALE - Victorian 510mm Inset Vanity Basin  VIC INSET VAN
  16. SILVERDALE - Nouveau Cloakroom Basin 495mm  NOU CLOAKROOM
  17. SILVERDALE - Nouveau Bidet 1 Tap Hole  NOU BIDET
  18. SILVERDALE - Nouveau 6L Close Coupled Pan & Cistern  NOU CC WC
  19. SILVERDALE - Loxley Bidet 1 Tap Hole  LOX BIDET
  20. SILVERDALE - Empire Close Coupled 6L Closet Cistern - White  EMCLOCC6WHI
  21. SILVERDALE - Empire HL/LL 6L Closet Cistern - White  EMCLOHL6WHI
  22. SILVERDALE - Belgravia Vanity Basin 635mm  BAL VANITY
  23. SILVERDALE - Belgravia Basin 635mm  BEL BASIN
  24. SILVERDALE - Belgravia Coquet Inset Basin 565mm  BEL COQ IB
  25. SILVERDALE - Hillingdon Back-To-Wall Pan  HICLOBT6WHI
  26. SILVERDALE - Hillingdon Close Coupled Pan & Cistern  HILL CC WC
  27. SILVERDALE - Hillingdon Back-To-Wall Bidet 370mm  HILL BTW BIDET
  28. SILVERDALE - Hillingdon Semi-Countertop Basin 600mm  HILL SEMI BASIN
  29. SILVERDALE - Hillingdon Cloakrom Basin 450mm  HILL CLOAKROOM
  30. SILVERDALE - Hillingdon Basin 650mm  HILL BASIN
  31. SILVERDALE - Nouveau 6L Low Level Pan & Cistern  NOU LL WC
  32. SILVERDALE - Nouveau 6L High Level Pan & Cistern  NOU HL WC
  33. SILVERDALE - Victorian 400mm Micro Basin  VIC MICRO
  34. SILVERDALE - Victorian Undermount Basin  VIC UNDERMOUNT
  35. SILVERDALE - Victorian & Belgravia 530mm Cloakroom Basin  VIC CLOAKROOM
  36. SILVERDALE - Balasani 520mm Inset Vanity Basin  BAL INSET VAN
  37. SILVERDALE - Balasani 600mm Basin  BAL 600
  38. SILVERDALE - Empire Wall Mounted 6L Closet Cistern - White  EMPANWM6WHI
  39. SILVERDALE - Empire Back to Wall 6L Closet Cistern - White  EMCLOBT6WHI
  40. SILVERDALE - Empire Low Level Pan, Cistern & Fittings  EMP LL
  41. SILVERDALE - Empire High Level Pan, Cistern & Fittings  EMP HL
  42. SILVERDALE - Empire Close-Coupled Cistern, Lid & Fittings  EMP CC
  43. SILVERDALE - Empire Back To Wall Bidet  EMP B2W BIDET
  44. SILVERDALE - Empire Wall Mounted Bidet  EMP WM BIDET
  45. SILVERDALE - Empire 700mm Inset Basin  EMP INSET BASIN
  46. SILVERDALE - Empire 700mm Vanity Basin  EMP VAN BASIN
  47. SILVERDALE - Empire 620mm Basin  EMP BASIN
  48. SILVERDALE - Empire 450mm Cloakroom Basin  EMP CLOAKROOM
  49. SILVERDALE - Empire 920mm Vanity Winged Console Basin  EMP WIN VAN
  50. SILVERDALE - Balasani 600mm Vanity Basin with Silverdale Logo  BAL VAN

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