Baths and Bathing at The Plumbline


The Plumbline offers a selection of Baths from a huge selection of bathing experts.

The bath is the centrepiece of your bathroom, a monument to luxury and personal time, it is only logical that such an important feature is chosen with care.

Our selection of elegant baths let you reach the pinnacle of relaxation within your home, including Hand crafted, free-standing stone baths in both contemporary and traditional designs.


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Find a Shower Design That Matches Your Style

Choose one of our walk in shower enclosures to bypass the need for a door, offering a decluttered look, ease of access and an abundance of natural light. To make your shower feel larger you could use sleek quadrant shower screens that make efficient use of corner space.

If you are interested in something more distinctive, black components can add a striking touch to your shower that contrasts with clean cut glass. Or if you prefer something with a feel of elegance, frameless shower enclosures would offer a minimalistic look paired with the practicality of easier cleaning. We also offer solutions for bath shower units with a choice of beautiful folding and hinged bath screens.

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