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Triton Showers At The Plumbline

Triton; Making Showers For All Homes

The Triton product range features showers suitable for any hot water system and any personal preference. Mixer showers give you direct control over how much hot or cold water comes through, while thermostatic options can keep your showering experience both comfortable and safe. For those with low water pressure, one of Triton’s power showers could be what you need to wake up in the morning.

For a high-tech option, Triton can also provide digital showers with intuitive displays and controls. If you would like to know more about the Triton range, visit one of our showrooms and our staff will be happy to help.

Triton; The Electric Shower Brand

Triton has been reliably supplying the UK with showers for over 40 years. Affordability and easy installation make Triton showers a firm choice for many homes throughout the country. The T80 electric shower is among the best-selling models in the UK, a testament to the trust people have in the Triton brand.


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  1. TRITON Amore Electric Shower  AMORE
  2. TRITON Omnicare Style Electric Shower with Extended Kit  OMNICARE STY EXT
  3. TRITON Omnicare Style Electric Shower with Grab Kit  OMNICARE STY GK
  4. TRITON Omnicare Design Electric Shower with Extended Kit  OMNICARE DES EXT
  5. TRITON Omnicare Design Electric Shower with Grab Kit  OMNICARE DES GK
  6. TRITON AS2000X Thermostatic Power Shower  TAS2000XTHM
  7. TRITON Aspirante Power Shower  ASP2000THM
  8. TRITON T80SI Pumped Electric Shower  T80SI
  9. TRITON T90XR Pumped Electric Shower  T90XR
  10. TRITON T80Z Fast-Fit Electric Shower  T80Z FF
  11. TRITON T80Z Thermostatic Fast-Fit Electric Shower  T80Z THERMO
  12. TRITON T80 Pro-Fit Eco Electric Shower 8.5kw  ECO8008PF
  13. TRITON T80 Pro-Fit Electric Shower  T80 PRO
  14. TRITON T300si Wireless Electric Shower - Satin Chrome  T300si
  15. TRITON Aspirante Wireless Electric Shower  ASPIRANTE WIRELESS
  16. TRITON Touch Electric Shower  TOUCH
  17. TRITON Aspirante Electric Shower  ASPIRANTE
  18. TRITON T150+ Care Electric Shower  T150+

List Grid

18 Item(s)

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