Multipanel Linda Barker Collection: Designer Bathroom Panels

Coming from one of the best-known and respected interior designers in the country, the Multipanel Linda Barker collection features a selection of luxurious designs. Inspired by the colours and textures of raw natural materials, the Linda Barker collection can lend an authentic touch to your bathroom, wet-room, or showering space.

The collection has been specifically tailored to emulate the interiors of the world’s most luxurious hotels but without breaking the bank. There are a total of 13 waterproof designs to choose from. Find them in the store here.

Bianca Luna

multipanel, linda barker, bianca
(Image Credit: Multipanel)
This panelling provides a crisp frost appearance and is excellent at keeping a space bright.

Calacatta Marble

multipanel, linda barker, calacatta
(Image Credit: Multipanel)
As the name suggests, these panels look and feel like quality marble, adding a touch of opulence.

Concrete Elements

concrete elements, linda barker, multipanekl
(Image Credit: Multipanel)
The subtle yet effective appearance of concrete surfaces is increasing in popularity making this a smart choice for a contemporary bathroom style.

Concrete Formwood

concrete formwood, linda barker, multipanel
(Image Credit: Multipanel)
Combining the appeal of concrete textures with the familiarity of wooden planks, these panels have a unique aesthetic that looks fantastic in modern bathrooms.

Corten Elements

corten elements, multipanel, linda barker
(Image Credit: Multipanel)
Reminiscent of metallic materials and industrious steel architecture, the Corten Elements range is a great choice for minimalist bathroom spaces.

Dolce Macchiato

dolce macchiato by linda barker and multipanel
(Image Credit: Multipanel)
The rich colours and patterns on the Dolce Macchiato panels mimics the qualities of mineral rich granite while lending a Mediterranean feel.

Ferro Grafite

ferro grafite, multipanel, linda barker
(Image Credit: Multipanel)
The monochromatic aesthetic of the Ferro Grafite panels means they complement most bathroom styles. The subtle veins running across them create a deep and intriguing pattern.

Graphite Elements

graphite elements, linda barker, multipanel
(Image Credit: Multipanel)
The slight mottled texture of graphite is recreated perfectly with these panels in the Linda Barker collection. The rustic quality of their appearance means these panels suit both modern and traditional bathroom aesthetics.

Jet Noir

jet noir, linda barker, multipanel
(Image Credit: Multipanel)
The bright polished finish of the Jet Noir range exudes luxury. Emulating quality dark granite, these panels have patterns similar to that of thick ice, drawing your gaze inwards.

Nero Grafite

nero grafite, multipanel, linda barker
(Image Credit: Multipanel)
The matte finish of these panels helps to define the subtle white patterns they are adorned with. The neutral tones of these panels complement a colourful interior design.

Salvaged Planked Elm

salvaged planked elm, linda barker, multipanel
(Image Credit: Multipanel)
As the name indicates, these panels have been inspired by the aesthetic of reclaimed timber. The deep colours and textures of the Salvaged Planked Elm panels lends a warm atmosphere to a room.

Soapstone Stellar

soapstone stellar, linda barker, multipanel
(Image Credit: Multipanel)
The Soapstone Stellar range works well in a modern space with refined tones. The intricate nature-inspired patterns create a canvas of fascinating lines, ideal for a feature wall.

Stone Elements

stone elements, multipanel, linda barker
(Image Credit: Multipanel)
There is something charming about the rustic textures and earthy colours of the Stone Elements panel range. These panels have a subtle warmth to their colour that creates a welcoming atmosphere.

For more on Multipanel, the Linda Barker collection, and designing your bathroom space see the Branch Locator map to find your closest store.