At each branch of The Plumbline there is a stylish showroom, displaying the extensive range of baths, showers, taps, radiators, tiles and furniture available.

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 Baths and Bathing

The array of baths and bathing products available ranges from deep and opulent designs, to affordable and space saving options. The bath is the centrepiece for most bathrooms, making it an important part of any bathroom or washroom layout. To properly visualise your desired bathroom aesthetic, take a walk around your nearest showroom and experience 
the available bathing options.

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Toilets and Sanitaryware

Coming from the very best manufacturers and suppliers, The Plumbline can provide an array of sanitaryware in both contemporary and traditional styles. The modern design options come with sleek designs and minimalist profiles, while products with traditional styles emulate Victorian and Georgian aesthetics. No matter the design that you choose, each product is packed with innovative features for an efficient and comfortable bathroom experience.

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Brassware, Taps and Faucets

Brassware is often a focal point in a bathroom or bathing space. As they are the feature that you and your guests will be interacting with the most, the correct choice of taps has a massive effect on the feel of a bathroom. Just as with other bathroom fittings in The Plumbline range, brassware is available in both contemporary and traditional designs, ready to meet your bathroom needs and/or desires.  

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Showers, Shower Enclosures and Shower Accessories

A well chosen shower enclosure is both a convenient and stylish addition to any bathroom. At The Plumbline you can find the enclosure that fits your space requirements while making a visual statement in your bathroom. Along with being able to provide the cubicle, enclosure or showering space you desire, The Plumbline also has a vast range of showers. Electric showers provide an affordable option no matter your hot water system, while a mixer shower can provide a reliable showering experience. To see the full selection, visit your nearest The Plumbline showroom.