The Future Of Showering; Digital

As technological innovations grow in presence around the average home, digital showers are steadily increasing in popularity. These intuitive systems provide unparalleled levels of control over your showering experience.

Take the Triton Host system for example. At a glance, these controls clearly indicate what they do. The console also features a bright easily read screen that shows the current water temperature along with which showerhead is in use.

Stylish & Smart: Triton Host Digital Showers

triton host, digital showers, shower control

Available in three subtle yet stylish colours, the Triton Host digital shower control panel has been expertly designed to suit any bathroom design.

Along with looking good, this digital shower system helps to provide a luxurious showering experience. Host allows the shower to be started and warmed up remotely, allowing you to start and finish your shower at the perfect temperature.

There are also 10 flow levels to choose from, letting you find the precise setting that suits you best. Having such extensive control over the showering experience means that each user can have their optimum experience, it also means that users such as young children with sensitive skin can be accurately catered for, avoiding any nasty surprises.

For more on Triton Host and the benefits of digital showers, visit your nearest Plumbline showroom and speak with the helpful staff.