Bathroom Wall Panels, Shower Wall Panels & Shower Board at The Plumbline

Future proof your washroom for ease of use and thorough waterproofing with our practical and luxurious selection of bathroom wall panels and boards. A sleek alternative to tiles, laminate shower panels are faster to install and create an easily cleanable surface for an increased level of hygiene.

Providing a stylish, 100% watertight surface, many shower boards can be fitted over existing surfaces which makes them a preferred choice in many refurbishment projects as well as new builds.

Available in a wide selection of colours, finishes and textures, bathroom wall panels and shower boarding can become a design feature itself within your bathroom or wet room.

Explore our collections at The Plumbline to find the perfect surface for your space. We have boards and panels with surfaces that have the appearance and feel of grand marble, weathered wood, rough stone, rustic bricks and many more finishes.


As convenient to install and effective as shower boarding; at The Plumbline, we also have collections of high-quality kitchen splashbacks that can add both style and practicality to your kitchen design. Protecting walls and sides from spills and splashes through providing an easy to clean hygienic surface, kitchen splashbacks can make a remarkable difference to both the functionality and look of your space.

Available in a wide array of styles, shapes and sizes, choosing splashback panels provides you with the opportunity to add extra character to your kitchen design.

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