The epitome of luxury, Clearwater baths and basins are standout features in any bathroom design. Instantly grabbing the attention due to their grandeur appearance, Clearwater has stunning collections for all bathrooms, regardless of their shape or size.

Designed to inspire, Clearwater baths come in all shapes and styles from majestic free-standing feature baths to contemporary modern shaped baths that maximise your bathroom space.

To complete the breathtaking look of its baths and basins, Clearwater offers ingenious design features that match the design whilst incorporating intelligent technology. Smart waste systems allow water to be drained without the need for an overflow, by opening when the water reaches a specific level without breaking the smooth clean aesthetic of the surface. Clearwater also provides a selection of taps for both basins and baths in an array of luxurious designs, both contemporary and traditional, allowing you to create your dream bathroom design with outstanding matching features.


Exceptional elements of any luxury bathroom space, the Clearstone and Natural Stone collections are a hallmark of Clearwater’s opulence. Carefully crafted from only the highest quality of materials, both of these ranges deliver extraordinary performance with equally impressive durability.

Softer in their profiles, with thinner rims and an eye-catching protective glossy finish, the Clearstone collection provides a splash of modern style to any bathroom. Resistant to scratches or chips, the smooth surface creates a clean, simple finish to any bathroom.

Heavier and more solid in its appearance, the Natural Stone collection is built to be more robust than granite. Soft to the touch, the thicker profiles of these pieces are topped with a luxury matt finish that covers the whole of the bath thanks to the discreetly integrated overflow system (excluding the Lonio model).


Clearwater believes that the size of your bathroom should not stop you from having a luxury bath to unwind in. Intelligently designed, the Cleargreen collection offers a range of more compact single-ended, double-ended, freestanding and shower baths to complete and deluxe bathroom design. Not only elegant in its aesthetic, the Cleargreen collection is also superlatively crafted, using LUCITE™ slip-resistant acrylic and reinforced with steel rods for superior comfort and exceptional durability.

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