Founded in 1983 by an expert tiler named Helmut Wedi, what started as a concept produced out of a garage has now evolved into a globally recognised practical solution for bathroom and wet room walls and floors. Centred around an evolution of the building board that was originally designed by Helmut, Wedi is now operating in over 50 countries and employs over 500 members of staff.


An industry-changing invention, the Wedi building board was the first waterproof wall tile solution available. Simple to install, and requiring a fraction of the skill and time that standard tiling takes, the benefits of this solution are evident from the get-go. Designed to interlink for watertight seams, the building boards are more hygienic and easier to clean with no grouting, preventing the build-up of dirt and other substances.

Continually researching, developing and innovating its building board; Wedi describes it as its nucleus, always evolving upon it to stay ahead of the industry. Recently focusing on the integration of technology and more advanced surface design to promote the runoff of water, Wedi is committed to maintaining its reputation as the best in the business.

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