Traditional Sanitaryware at The Plumbline

Traditional sanitaryware allows you to create the breathtaking aesthetic of a classic bathroom, whilst enjoying the luxury of modern comfort and performance.

Focused on providing you with everything you need to turn your dream bathroom into a reality; at The Plumbline, we only work with the best designers and manufacturers of traditional sanitaryware to bring you an extensive collection of the highest-quality units available. From basins to bidets, WC’s to intricate accessories, explore our collections to begin creating your dream bathroom design.


All of our traditional sanitary ware units are full of individuality and character, designed to lend themselves to a specific time period based on key features. For example, our Edwardian fittings provide a storing and structured angular design. Whilst our Victorian-era sanitary ware is more refined, offering a sophisticated and prestigious look to a bathroom.

Alternatively, some designers create traditional sanitaryware through borrowing design traits from different era’s, creating their own unique classic collections.

Whatever design you prefer for your bathroom fittings, our range at The Plumbline allows you to couple it with the latest modern innovations. Intelligent advances in technology have changed the functionality of traditional sanitaryware.

For example, units such as invisible overflow systems now forego the need for a plug, allowing for traditional style baths and basin designs to blend with modern plumbing systems. Soft-close lids prevent needless disruption and water-saving flushes bring together traditional designs with modern efficiency. For those in need of extra support, we also offer traditional-style comfortable height toilets and hand grips; keeping your bathroom safe and functional without sacrificing your chosen aesthetic.

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